Group photo of IES Utilities standing on top of Mam Tor

Powering Change: IES Utilities’ Charity Walk Up Mam Tor in Derbyshire for the Hughie & Freddie Play Appeal at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity

In the picturesque region of Derbyshire, where the rolling hills and rugged landscapes define the beauty of the British countryside, a remarkable event took place that showcased the heartwarming commitment of IES Utilities to give back to their community. This story unfolds in the shadow of Mam Tor, a famous hill that stands as a symbol of both natural wonder and human benevolence.

The Company with a Heart

IES Utilities, a trusted provider of essential services nationally, has long been dedicated to ensuring that the lights stay on and the water keeps flowing. However, IES Utilities also believes in giving back to the community they serve, and this belief led to an initiative that saw employees and members of the company come together for a charity walk up Mam Tor.

Mam Tor, often referred to as the ‘Shivering Mountain,’ is a majestic peak situated in the Peak District National Park of Derbyshire. It’s famous for its panoramic views and unique geology. The hill has an intriguing history, as it has faced numerous landslides and erosion, making it a symbol of resilience and perseverance. Just like Mam Tor, IES Utilities is determined to withstand any challenge and contribute positively to the community.

The idea of a charity walk up Mam Tor was born from the desire to raise funds for the “Hughie & Freddie Play Appeal at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.” This charity is dedicated to making the hospital experience better for children by providing play areas and support for young patients and their families. IES Utilities wanted to contribute to the great work being done by this charity.

The walk was planned meticulously by Tony McManamon, ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants. Employees from various departments of IES Utilities, from customer service to field technicians, along with their families and friends, eagerly participated in this heartwarming event.

The morning of the charity walk was filled with enthusiasm and excitement as participants gathered at the base of Mam Tor.

With Mam Tor’s stunning views acting as both inspiration and reward, the hikers embarked on their journey. The weather was on their side, just narrowly avoiding the rain. Providing a picturesque backdrop for this memorable event.

Supporting the Local Community

The charity walk was not just about scaling the heights of Mam Tor. It was also a symbol of solidarity, as IES Utilities collected donations from various sources, including the company itself, participants, and generous local businesses.

The raised funds to go to the “Hughie & Freddie Play Appeal at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity,” which would use the money to improve the hospital experience for young patients and their families. This contribution reflected IES Utilities’ commitment to improving the lives of its customers and neighbours, particularly those in challenging circumstances.

This walk embarks on one of many where IES will be raising money for a different charity each time.

As the participants reached the summit of Mam Tor, they were not only met with breathtaking views but also the fulfillment of contributing to a noble cause. Their efforts symbolized unity, resilience, and community spirit, much like the enduring Mam Tor itself.

IES Utilities’ journey up Mam Tor reminds us all that every organization has the potential to make a significant difference in their community, and that giving back is a powerful way to strengthen the bonds that connect us all.

Donate now to the Hughie & Freddie Play Appeal at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.

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